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Pula half marathon


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Destination: Pula, Croatia
Departure: 22 September, 2023.
Race date: 23 September, 2023
Return: 24 September, 2023
Trip duration: 3 days, 2 nights


250 €  - traveler package
280 €  - half marathon registration fee included


The travel arrangement includes

  • bus transportation from Belgrade
  • 2 nights in Splendid Resorta*** apartments
  • registration fee for Pula half marathon
  • organizational costs
  • guided tour
  • Optional extras

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    About Pula

    Pula – a city with a heart of stone and a soul woven from history. It is located on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, where tranquility meets adventure, where every moment brings the past to life, and where the hospitality of the locals will show you the true meaning of being a gracious host.

    As you stroll through the streets of this city, you will hear the echoes of a thousand years of history speaking through every stone you encounter. The star of the city and the ultimate symbol of Pula’s identity is its arena. Dive deep into its breathtaking history, which holds stories of the power and grandeur of the Roman Empire. This impressive architectural monument, once filled with the adrenaline and passion of gladiatorial battles two millennia ago, now serves as a backdrop for resounding music and laughter during the biggest concerts and festivals.

    Wander the streets of Pula and touch the soul of this city through its Roman remains, such as the Temple of Augustus or the Triumphal Arch. They tell tales of glorious times while the Istrian way of life simultaneously captivates your senses.

    However, Pula is not just a city of history; it is also a place of stunning beaches and the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Hidden coves provide the perfect setting for relaxation and indulgence in the sun and the joys of the sea. Here, you will find the perfect harmony between the sun, the sea, and tranquility. Don’t be surprised if you come across the biggest star of this city, the boxer Mate Parlov, on the streets! His strength and courage resonate beyond the boxing ring, reminding us that Pula is a city that never gives up.

    This is a city that will leave you breathless and speechless, and as you explore this gem of the Adriatic, you will become a part of its story. Shall we go?

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    Pula half marathon

    Just as it once welcomed brave gladiators ready for epic battles, the Arena, with the same enthusiasm, awaits you at the start and finish line of the race. But this autumn, it is you who will capture the hearts of the audience with your strength and endurance. The Pula Half Marathon is one of the largest sports events in Istria, attracting increasing attention from runners in the region every year. We are confident that you have heard countless praises and assurances that this is one of those races from which you must bring home a medal.

    The starting point of the half marathon is set in front of the iconic Pula Arena, a well-known ancient amphitheater dating back to Roman times. Full of energy and adrenaline, your feet will tread upon thousand-year-old stone slabs, creating a new story on those ancient streets. The route leads runners along the beautiful waterfront that stretches along the Adriatic Sea. You will enjoy the fresh sea air and the view of the open sea, while the scent of salt and the sound of waves accompany you as you progress kilometer by kilometer towards your goal. You will also have the opportunity to run through the historical heart of the city – the Forum, which will be an extraordinary backdrop as you pass by the remains of ancient buildings and structures.

    The crown jewel of the Pula Half Marathon is its spectacular finish inside the Arena itself, representing a symbol of triumph and success. Its architecture and grandeur create an atmosphere of incredible excitement, as the moment approaches when the runners step onto the sacred space of its colossal podium. Another unique aspect of the Pula Marathon is its timing. The race begins in the late afternoon, as the sun slowly sets and the city succumbs to the enchanting atmosphere of the evening.

    The course is gentle and flat, and half marathon participants will run two laps. In addition to the 21k race, there are also distances of 10k and 5k available. If you are ready, we await you at the starting line!

    You can find more information about the race on the organizer’s website.

    The race kit includes:

    • bib number with chip
    • finisher medal
    • official race t-shirt
    • can of HELL energy drink and a bottle of HIDRA ISO
    • refreshments on the track and at the finish line
    • medical assistance on the track
    • after-party in the Arena

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    Splendid Resort ***

    For our travelers, we have arranged accommodation at the Splendid Resort, located just a few steps from the Golden Rocks beach and 2.5 km away from the vibrant center of Pula.

    The Lungomare promenade is only 300 meters away from the accommodation, while the famous Roman amphitheater is approximately 4 km away. Several tourist attractions can be found in the city center. The Sergius Arch, Archaeological Museum of Istria, and the Temple of Augustus will be easily accessible.

    One of the greatest advantages of Splendid Resort is its spectacular outdoor space. It is surrounded by lush greenery and Mediterranean gardens. Moreover, the resort offers a large swimming pool with sun loungers and umbrellas.

    All apartments at Splendid Resort feature private bathrooms, balconies, equipped kitchenettes, and dining tables, while some apartments offer sea views.

    Our offer includes overnight stays in various accommodation units (2+2s, 3+2s, 2+2+2s, and 2+3+2s rooms), while accommodation in double rooms is available at an additional cost.

    To learn more about the accommodations click here.


    Travel itinerary and program

    Friday, 09 September 2023

    Day 1: Belgrade – Pula

    Gathering in the parking lot in front of the House of Flowers, in early morning hours.
    After arrival, checking into the rooms and visiting the Expo center to pick up race kits. 
    Free time for individual activities or a possibility to go on an organized tour of the city. Overnight stay. 

    Saturday, 23 September 2023

    Day 2: Pula

    We continue to explore Pula. During the day, we will organize a short optional excursion of the city, and save our strength for the race. We’ll learn everything there is to know about the Arena, the Temple of Augustus, The Golden Door… We will dive into Pula’s breathtaking history which tell us the story of might and grandeur of the Roman Empire. 

    Going to the starting zone and warming up for the race.
    08:00 PM – half marathon start
    08:05 PM – 5k race start
    08:20 PM – 10k race start

    In the evening there will be an organized celebration of our success in one of the local pubs/bars.


    Sunday, 24 September 2023

    Day 3: Pula – Belgrade

    Leaving the hotel and free time until departure. 
    Arrival to Belgrade in the evening. 

    Important note: this is a tentative itinerary and travel program, and is subject to change. All changes will be published on our website in a timely manner. 

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    Important notes

    • this trip is being organized by Rapsody Travel (Licence number:OTP 124/2021 A), so please make sure to familiarize yourself with their terms and conditions here.
    • we accept payments only in RSD (dinars), and all our prices are converted to RSD by using the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia, by following the instructions you will receive after applying for the trip
    • you can split your payments into installments, with first payment having to be a minimum of 6,000 RSD, while the remaining payments must be completed no later than 22 August 2023
    • the reservation is considered successful only after the first payment and until that time the prices are subject to change
    • if you do not specify any preferences regarding people you will be sharing a room with, we will put you in a room with person(s) we determine would be most appropriate, taking into account gender, age, city, club, company, but we are obligated to note that it can be a person of any gender if there are no other solutions
    • the race and the trip itself are both subject to Covid 19 regulations and decisions and conditions made by the authorities with jurisdiction on each element of the trip
    • before your trip, please familiarize yourself with the current government Covid guidelines by visiting this website.



    Optional extras
    T-shirt size*