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Location: Kotor, Montenegro
Departure date: 16 December, 2023
Race date: 17 December, 2023
Return date: 18 December, 2023
Trip duration: 3 days, 1 night


145 €  - traveler package
165 €  - 5k registration fee included
180 €  - half marathon registration fee included
190 €  - marathon registration fee included


The travel arrangement includes

  • bus transportation from Belgrade
  • overnight stay with breakfast at Palma Hotel ****
  • race registration (optional extra)
  • organizational costs
  • guided tour
  • Optional extras

    o Trci

  • travel insurance (8 €)
  • sports insurance (14 €)
  • About Kotor

    Welcome to the enchanting realm of Kotor, a city sculpted from stone, steeped in the tapestry of time, and exuding the irresistible allure of the Adriatic Sea. Nestled on the eastern shores, cradled within the heart of The Boka Bay, this destination emerges as one of Montenegro’s most resplendent treasures.

    Kotor unfurls before us like an ancient tome, pages filled with tales of civilizations that once held sway and trade routes that traversed its robust ramparts. Venture into the embrace of the Old Town, a UNESCO-sanctioned gem that patiently waits to divulge its secrets. With each step upon its cobblestone paths, you embark on a journey through the epochs, uncovering architectural marvels that effortlessly blend a symphony of styles, from medieval chapels to resplendent Renaissance palaces.

    A pilgrimage to the St. Tryphon’s Cathedral beckons, the quintessential beacon of Kotor’s spiritual legacy and opulence. Standing amidst its hallowed walls, one can’t help but be swept up in the ebb and flow of destiny, a current that echoes with the devotion of countless souls across the ages.

    Yet Kotor is no mere anthology of history; it’s an idyllic haven drenched in sunbeams and exotic allure. Embrace the embrace of sandy shores and the glistening embrace of the sea. The Boka Bay, its tranquil waters kissed by majestic mountain sentinels, extends its arms in a tranquil refuge for you to unwind and embrace the sun’s gentle caress. Meander along the coastline, unveil the hidden fjords, or simply surrender to the unspoiled embrace of nature’s splendor.

    Allow us to extend an invitation to Kotor, the illustrious Jewel of the Adriatic. Embark on a sojourn that marries history, nature, and the timeless allure of the sea, beckoning you to partake in an experience of unrivaled beauty and serenity.

    o Trci

    Boka Marathon

    The Boka Marathon is set to be held for the third time, yet it is already one of the most loved races in the region. Since its start, it has attracted loads of attention and interest from runners all over the world. This is definitely the most exciting sporting event on the Montenegro coastline, and our runners can’t stop talking about it.

    And as you run towards your new medal along the cost of the Adriatic, you will immediately understand why this race has become such a Superstar. The track goes from Tivat to Kotor, and passes through beautiful coastal villages. It has been designed to allow runners to enjoy the spectacular view of the sea, the surrounding mountains and the colorful settlements all along the track.

    Regardless of your choice of race – whether it is marathon, half marathon or the 5k, you will fall in love with this track. It is easy and flat, creating a very enjoyable, trouble-free experience.

    Are you ready? We await for you at the starting line!

    Svejedno da li ćete trčati maraton, polumaraton ili trku na 5 km, ovo je staza koja će vam osvojiti i dušu i telo. Staza je lagana i ravna, a trčanje na ovakvom mestu predstavlja pravo uživanje bez mnogo muke.

    You can learn more about the race on the organizer’s website.

    The race starter kit includes:

    • bib number with chip
    • finisher’s medal
    • event t-shirt
    • photographs from the race
    • gifts from partners and sponsors
    • drink stations/nutrition stations

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    Hotel Palma****

    For those joining us in Montenegro this year, we’re delighted to present the Palma Hotel **** as your haven. Located on Tivat’s coast with a panoramic view of Tivat Bay, this modern masterpiece offers brand-new accommodations. Many rooms overlook the Adriatic Sea, and guests can unwind in the spa after the day’s events.

    The hotel’s proximity to the promenade means you’ll have easy access to diverse restaurants, cafes, and shops. Our package includes a night’s stay with breakfast in double or triple rooms.

    Get ready for a memorable stay that captures the essence of Tivat’s charm and comfort.

    You can learn more about the hotel a href=””>here.


    Travel itinerary and program

    Friday, 15 December 2023

    Day 1: Belgrade – Kotor

    Gathering in the parking lot in front of the House of Flowers, in the late afternoon and departure for Kotor.
    Night drive to Montenegro.

    Saturday, 16 December 2023

    Day 2: Kotor

    Checking in upon arrival and visiting the Expo to pickup race kits.
    Free time for individual activities or a possibility to go on an organized tour of the city. Overnight stay. 

    Sunday, 17 December 2023

    Day 3: Kotor

    Going to the starting zone and warming up for the race.
    11:00 AM – race start

    The rest of the day is free for individual activities and relaxing at the Palma hotel spa. 
    In the evening, there will be a joint celebration of our racing success in one of the local pubs or restaurants. 

    Monday, 18 December 2023

    Day 4: Kotor – Belgrade

    Checkout and free time until departure. 
    Arrival to Belgrade is planned in the evening hours. 

    Important note: this is a tentative itinerary and travel program, and is subject to change. All changes will be published on our website in a timely manner. 

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    Important notes

    • this trip is being organized by Rapsody Travel (Licence number:OTP 124/2021 A), so please make sure to familiarize yourself with their terms and conditions here.
    • we accept payments only in RSD (dinars), and all our prices are converted to RSD by using the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia, by following the instructions you will receive after applying for the trip
    • you can split your payment into installments, with first payment having to be a minimum of 6,000 RSD, while the remaining payments must be completed no later than 15 November 2023
    • the reservation is considered successful only after the first payment and until that time the prices are subject to change
    • if you do not specify any preferences regarding people you will be sharing a room with, we will put you in a room with person(s) we determine would be most appropriate, taking into account gender, age, city, club, company, but we are obligated to note that it can be a person of any gender if there are no other solutions
    • the race and the trip itself are both subject to Covid 19 regulations and decisions and conditions made by the authorities with jurisdiction on each element of the trip.
    • before your trip, please familiarize yourself with the current government Covid guidelines by visiting this website.



    Optional extras
    T-shirt size*