Run Away Travels

Run Away Travels

Where have we been?

We were founded in 2016, and ever since then we have been traveling the world, running, playing, eating, drinking and laughing with you. And then we went and dotted the map you see below! 

Run Away Journey

Run Away consist of people who make it possible for thousands of people to experience the magic of traveling, adventure, sport and camaraderie. But how did we reach this point? Well…

Ah, the Run Away beginnings! A long time ago, in the ancient year of 2016, an idea is born – to join running, adventure and traveling combining the best of all worlds. Our sizeable budget of 7€ if we remember correctly along with creative magic and dedication allowed us to come up with a unique business plan which still works today and which makes it possible for thousands of people to run the world with us. That year, together with our partner, TTC, we created our first tour and visited Zagreb, participating in the Advent Run event!



The word is spreading and we are gaining traction with different running clubs and organizations. We fill up our first double decker! We establish a Run Away standard called “we do not organize anything we ourselves would not do gladly” or WDNOAWOWNDG for short. For the first time, the Timisoara marathon is being held and we take 80 people to participate. Our group came back with over 10 trophies, and our own Toma ran a relay race along with trainers from 2 different clubs – thus adding collaborative spirit as one of the pillars of the Run Away culture going forward. 

Run Away continues to grow and evolve. We reached the Top 50 online things list and are also nominated for the Top 5 online business ideas award. The number of adventures is rising and in 2018 we reach our first milestone – 500+ customers in a year. Our list of destinations expands rapidly and the crown jewels of for that year were Beijing and Shanghai, along with the Great Wall of China race. 



We tricked Daca into joining our Run Away ranks! Our travels took us far and wide, and the grand adventure of the year – Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia where we visited these amazing countries in 3 weeks, visited 5 cities and ran 3 races in 3 weekends! On top of that, we toured Vienna, Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid, Palic and many other amazing European cities. And to make things perfect, we witnessed the first marriage proposal ever on one of our trips, while visiting Angkor Vat. <3

As it did with the entire world, Covid-19 “encouraged” us to adapt and survive. In 2020, we established virtual challenges to inspire runners to continue training and winning medals. On Strava, we became the 2nd largest club in Serbia and clock thousands of miles ran that year. We also got involved with humanitarian work and cooperated with schools and animal shelters. We did manage to do a few trips too – the biggest win being Malta. Well, the biggest win other than the fact that we managed to travel anywhere at all. 



We are back at running across Europe! We conquered Athens, Istanbul, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Valencia, Jagodina, The Wild West, The Legionnaire race, Zrenjanin and many more. We started doing hiking tours and went to Kablar, Balkan Mountains, Rtanj, Homolje Mountains. Covid is now a part of our lives but the lessons we all as human beings learned are now fueling our passions even stronger – we travel, we run, we laugh – and we do so together. 

Now even though Real Madrid AND Miami Heat were after him, we managed to bring Dule onto the team! We are back at full power and are doing some amazing trips – Athens, Lisbon, Istanbul, Valencia, Ljubljana, Sarajevo. We reached another milestone – 800 people that year. And the crown jewel – Jamaica where we also had the honor to be a part of the first wedding on one of our trips. Truth be told, the officiant was questionable, but the beautiful couple, invitees and the cake made up for it big time. 



We continue expanding the team as Andrea, Sanja, Maja and Ivana joined the team. We establish a new customer approach through organizing trips, conferences and team building adventures for different companies. We partner up with Rapsody Travel and Carpe Diem, and together we achieve the biggest Run Away year to date. We visit dozens of destinations such as Copenhagen, Dubrovnik, Boka, Madrid, Pula, Stockholm. And not to brag, but we also swam with sharks in the Maldives!

Ah, the 2024 book still has but a few pages still being filled with adventures and good energy. We have entered the year with zeal and purpose, and even though we have a clear idea on where/how, we can only dream of the adventures and experiences that will unfold for you, dear reader, and us with you. Still, we do know one thing: we will continue building and nurturing the Run Away spirit in the best way possible – together. 🙂


Partners and testimonials

Fantastic crew, from organizers to the people who went with us, it all radiates with incredible energy and makes the trip unique and unforgettable. Definitely an experience I can’t wait to repeat.
by Jelena Smiljanic
This agency was founded by some great guys, fantastic energy ! Definitely a recommendation for everyone who wish to “feel young again” for a few days and improve their habits, and be healthier. Certainly, people / runners who gather on these trips, give everything an extra special note and extra quality. It’s been a month since our trip to Lisbon, and I can’t stop smiling.
by Igor Jovanovic
A great group of people who know how to organize running trips. As a runner, my job was to apply (and of course, pay), and everything around trip organization and the race these guys did excellently. Furthermore, they are runners themselves so this is from runners for runners kind of a thing!
by Ivan Tosic
If you loved excursions, this is the agency for you! They gather a crew of running enthusiasts, all of them ready to have an awesome time! The trips are full of laughter, fun and (planned and unplanned) action! Toma’s and Spira’s helpfulness helped me fit in immediately, since I came on this trip alone. The trick is to relax and the adventure will happen.
by Ivana Mitric